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Recent Event [Archive]
Orientation for WITs on 5S at 250 Bed General Hospital, Dinajpur on January 16, 2018

Venue: 250Bed General Hospital, Dinajpur

Date: January16, 2018

Chairedby: Dr. Mowla Box, Civil Surgeon and Hospital Superintend, Dinajpur

Total Participants: 35

Summary Discussion:

   a.) Dr. MowlaBox, CS and Hospital Superintend, Nilphamari inaugurate the training program.
   b.) A presentation was presented by Dr. KanizFatema, Div QI coordinator on 5S and 5S monitoring tools.
   c.) Participantswork on the monitoring tools.
   d.) At the end Dr. MowlaBox, CS and Hospital Superintend, Dinajpur gave a thank you speech.