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History of Quality Improvement Secretariat (QIS)

The QI Secretariat (QIS), established within the Health Economics Unit (HEU) of MOHFW serves as a formal management body of National Quality Improvement Committee (QIC). The Secretariat supports to accomplish QI initiatives across the country and strengthen and coordinate QI activities in health sector both public and private. Quality Improvement Secretariat (QIS) is established in January 2015 led by the Director General of the Health Economics Unit. The major mandate of the secretariat is to: (a) Develop a coordination and monitoring mechanism nationwide among GO-NGO-DPs to ensure quality of care in health service delivery both public and private sectors; (b) Review QI related existing protocols, guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOP), tools and indicators; (c) Develop new tools, guidelines, SOPs, standards, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and other indicators; (d) Conduct survey on quality of care for health service delivery; (e) Ensure attainment of national health care standards for Quality of Care.

QIS has developed a “National Strategic Planning on Quality of care for Health Service Delivery” and QIS will be guided accordingly with the strategic guideline. The  Strategic Objectives are to: (i) Introduce patient-centered services; (ii) Improve patient safety; (iii) Improve clinical practice; (iv) Improve Leadership and Management systems; and (v) Improve public health and preventive services. The Additional Objectives of QIS are to: (a) Ensure all necessary input for Quality Improvement (QI); (b) Ensure all necessary Support Services for QI; and (c) Develop effective outcome measure system for Quality Improvement (QI).

Quality Improvement Initiatives are implemented by various agencies. For instance, the Government DGHS (IMCI, Nutrition, SBTP, NBC, ESD, QAP, Strengthening DH & UHC – MIS, Accreditation, SMPP, A-TQM, CEF-WFHI); DGFP (MYCN, FPCST, Adolescent RH); Local Government (DCC-North, DCC-South); INGO/NGO: GIZ (MCH), Save the Children (MaMoni HSS Project, supported by USAID), EngenderHealth Bangladesh (COPE-FP services), Marie Stopes (FP), ICDDR,B (Participatory Monitoring), UNICEF/CIPRB: (MPDR), WHO/CIPRB: (QI-MNH); Path Finder (INHSDP). Strong coordination appears essential to bring cohesion in these Quality Improvement Initiatives. Quality Improvement Secretariat (QIS) of MoH&FW has been playing a crucial role in coordinating and overseeing the nationwide quality improvement activities of health care service delivery.