Core Objective
ยป Core Objective

Strategic planning

Vision: Universal Health Coverage with Quality Health Care by 2030

Mission Statement: Achieving an effective health system that provides the highest Quality of Care by Quality Improvement Approach, and

Purpose: To implement and promote better Quality of Care through developing a strategic framework.

The strategic plan comprises five major strategic objectives and three additional objectives. These objectives have intermediate objectives under each category with several indicators. Implementation at all facilities and service delivery points will be measured by these indicators so that there is a standardized approach to the Quality improvement program.

Strategic Objective 1: Introduce consumer and patient-centered services;

Strategic Objective 2: Improve patient safety;

Strategic Objective 3: Improve clinical practice;

Strategic Objective 4: Improve leadership and management systems; and

Strategic Objective 5: Improve public health and preventive services.

This approach of quality improvement involves a substantial shift in ideas of the work in health care and suggests the use of a wide variety of modern tools and methods.